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As Vati Ocakbaşı, we take our inspiration from Kaş. In the most scenic location of Kaş, we bring together the texture of Kaş with the ocakbaşı and kebab experience, which is a part of the traditional values of our country.

The Best of Flavor

We are after the best of flavor and the most enjoyable experience. We transform the flavors of the regions into a unique experience with original recipes and modern presentations with our most important values of ingredient quality and seasonality.

We support our ocakbaşı flavors with the most natural flavors with our wood-fired ovens.

Fresh and Local Ingredients

With our menu that reflects local ingredients and seasonality, we offer our guests the pleasure of being part of a sustainable experience beyond the restaurant experience.

We are sensitive

We are sensitive, we focus on giving back what we take from the world. We bring trees to our country every year equal to the carbon footprint of our brand.

We work with family fattening farms and support the sustainability of our geographically marked endemic animal species. We realize a waste-free kitchen management with offal flavors that are part of Istanbul’s food and beverage culture.

Our Wide Menu

We invite you to a date in Kaş to enjoy every moment of your day with our extensive menu, our experienced team and our location where you can enjoy Kaş.