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Lycia “Land of Light”

It is an ancient region covering the Teke Peninsula of Anatolia. The Bucak Sea, which we cannot get enough of today, was known as the Vati Sea during the ancient civilization period. “Vati Ocakbaşı“, located in Kaş, Bucak Sea, Setur Marina, took its name from this beautiful location.

Starting in 2012, our journey of flavor has continued as “VATI Ocakbasi” by accumulating experience and good friendships over the past 10 years.

We bring together our kebab varieties reflecting the cultural richness of Anatolia with the most natural ingredients. We know that; every special flavor and ingredient should come from its own region, that’s exactly why we are happy to bring the eggplant of Patlıcan Kebab from Urfa-Birecik in season, tomato paste, spices, plain oil of Künefe, pistachio of Fıstık Kebab from Gaziantep, which is more delicious in its own land, and bring it together with our special fattening meats and present it to our guests.